Term Agreement and Conditions

Greetings from Emech Parnter Stores. The following terms and conditions govern the services that EmechParnterStores.com provides you. You agree to accept these terms and conditions using Emechpartnerstores.com to browse and purchase items. Read them carefully, please.

When the goods are delivered, they must be examined, and any damage claims must be made known before signature. Once signed for, the seller is not liable for damages.
Freight charges will be incurred if goods cannot be delivered because of unsafe access caused by construction, structural issues, or other difficulties.

Deliveries of all appliances can be made with or without factory-supplied parts. Line wires, supply hoses, broiler pans, and other accessories are typically not included with electric dryers, stoves, washers, etc. We aren’t usually the ones that handle any utilities required for the appliance’s correct connection. Along with the physical circumstances, you must be aware of the electrical requirements, the type of gas, if necessary, and the size of the product (door openings, ceiling height, stairs, etc.). Gas items are carried naturally unless specifically noted on the invoice.

Unless specified on the invoice, the customer is responsible for any installations. All installations and hookups are done using factory-supplied parts, if any, and solely to already-supplied utilities. All modifications, additions, and adaptations are extra.
Orders placed for floor models cannot be canceled or returned; they are sold “AS IS.”

Additional fees apply to split delivery.
Products being returned will only be accepted if they are brand new, uninstalled, and include all original packaging materials, including cartons. There are no refunds for the shipping and handling fees to and from the warehouse. Custom items and special orders are not eligible for returns. The consumer is responsible for paying the full credit charge for canceled credit card transactions. Before delivery, purchases must be paid for in full within 1-3 business days. Deliveries with a balance due will not be made according to the timetable.

Before shipping release, orders must be canceled. A cancellation confirmation number is given upon cancellation through our website’s order cancellation process.
An order cannot be canceled once it is en route.

You agree to bear responsibility for all activities under your account or password and keep your account and password information secure. If you use this site, you are also responsible for limiting access to your computer. In their sole discretion, Emechpartnerstores.com reserve the right to reject service, delete or edit content, cancel orders, and end accounts.

By using a major credit card to make purchases at Emechpartnerstores.com, you consent to abide by the terms and conditions of your cardholder agreement.
Items lost in transit are not the responsibility of EmechPartnerStores.com

Merchandise Descriptions
The accuracy of EmechPartnerStores.com is our top priority. However, Emechpartnerstores.com makes no guarantees about the accuracy, fullness, reliability, timeliness, or error-free nature of the product descriptions or other content on this website. Your only recourse is to return the item in unused condition if a product provided by Emechpartnerstores.com itself differs from what is stated.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties Emechpartnerstores.com offers this website on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Emechpartnerstores.com disclaims any warranties and representations (express or implied) concerning the operation of this site, the information, contents, products, and services featured on this site.
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Emechpartnerstores.com disclaims all responsibility for any losses of any kind sustained from using this website, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential losses. Some state laws prohibit the exclusion of implied warranties and limitations on damages.
If these laws apply to you, some, or all of the exclusions, as mentioned earlier, limitations, or disclaimers may not apply to you, and you could even have more rights.