Shopping security (Safe and Trusted)

Every online transaction you make with us will be 100 percent secure; we guarantee it. This implies that you are not liable if your card is used fraudulently due to your purchase from The Fair Credit Billing Act bans your bank from making you responsible for fraudulent charges that amount to more than $50.00. If your bank holds you liable for any fraction of this $50.00, we will pay the entire debt on your behalf, up to $50.00. We would only bear this responsibility if the unauthorized use of your credit card was caused by purchases made over the secure server. You must notify the card’s issuer if your credit card is used without your permission.

 We go out of our way to ensure your online shopping experience at is safe. We use modern data encryption technology to safeguard against the loss, unauthorized use, or modification of your user information. Information is exchanged between your computer and our database using Secure Socket Layers (SSLs). To safeguard credit card transactions, we also use Internet fraud screening. However, every technique of electronic storage or transmission via the Internet is only partially secure. As a result, we are unable to ensure its complete security.

Check the status bar of your web browser (found at the bottom of the window) for the closed padlock icon to ensure you are surfing secure pages. The most recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox display this icon to let you know when you are on a secure website. Additionally, all browsers show an “s” (HTTPS://) after the “http” in the website URL to let you know that you’re in a secure environment.”